Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Concerts

We seemed to have a rush of evening activities these past few weeks!  With all three older kids in different schools, why we had concerts and plays galore!  I made a major oops and Bill and I missed Billy's band production the other day though... the date had been changed (they were doing a show during school since the beginner band didn't feel ready to show at the big holiday concert) but I didn't realize the time had changed as well.  So, at 2:30 we show up with camera in hand only to have the school secretary inform us they had played at 9:15 that am.  I felt awful... Billy had been sad not to see us in the audience but understood... We made the girl's concerts though:

Savanna plays percussion in the 6th grade band and they did a really nice job the night of their holiday concert. I was really impressed with how well the kids all blended together- these 3 town schools have only been as one for this school year. So, in 3 months the band director got them all going in the same direction and they actually sounded great! Not the typical "school band" music I was expecting to hear!

Olivia sings in the choral at the high school (she is in the vocal excel program as well) and their concert was beautiful!  All the high school singing groups were that night, and it was such a treat to hear them!  Wes had been having a hard time with all the sit quiet and behave activities we had to do that week, and Bill had to head out with him early... which was sad, but I was thrilled to hear them sing!  They did a beautiful number with the lights out and little glowing candle- it was so pretty!  All these festive activities really helped to get me into the holiday spirit!

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