Thursday, February 4, 2010

ankle update

I had another appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday. They took a new set of x-rays and he felt around my leg a bit. Wes hung out with Grandma Beth and Poppy in the waiting room, he was a very patient boy while I saw the Doctor!

It seems that the inside aspect (which was plated and screwed) has healed so well that the fracture is no longer visible on film. The outer break is still evident, but has healed well. The alignment is "near to perfect." As far a bone goes, I guess I am all healed up! On one film there was a space within the joint that looked thinner- more closed in than the other areas. He noted that this may be a spot that will suffer some "post traumatic arthritis." He said he hopes that this will be minimal... time will tell. The other rads showed a smooth clean joint space, so that was good to see- both Bill and I are worried about long term creaky-ness, I hope not to have too much to deal with!

I have a slight "click" that has developed, and he suspects it has more to do with the ligaments as the bone looked so good. The plan for now is PT (twice a week... three times is just too hard with the baby! He fussed today, and I had to hold him for the whole session and did not get to do all the usual exercises. I guess he didn't get the memo that told him to fall asleep in the car!) for another 4-6 weeks then another followup with them. I am stiff when not going to PT (took some time off after the c-section) and hope that with more therapy I will increase my range of motion and eliminate the stiffness. Stairs are still a bit difficult and after my 6 week check up with the OB I want to ride!

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