Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Birthday gift

This year, what I really wanted for my birthday was progress on my riding arena. I've wanted an arena here at the house, well, for as long as I've lived here! With the barn done though, it seemed more pressing to get the arena in. More pressing for me.... I know Olivia would enjoy it too, but it's really something I want- it will enable me to teach here, possibly offer boarding and allow me to ride myself while the older kids entertain the boys, or in the not too distant future- while they play outside! It has been a matter of time and energy... And money... So, for my gift I just wanted to see some forward momentum:

Here's what I got on my 34th birthday- the grove of trees in front of the barn are gone! Bill took the day off work and get them all cleared! It really opened up the door yard, and now movement can begin towards really starting the arena project!
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