Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1-29-13 = 7 months

Another month, another Wyatt update! Wy is doing great, he is growing- learning and thumping his head a lot!! He pulls up on everything and stands for long periods at a time. He loves daddy, is rugged and doesn't cry much even when he really crashes and is starting to smile and laugh a lot more.

He is very curious- will be another boy who gets into everything I think. He goes into the child watch at the YMCA with no trouble, loves big people food, and provides much entertainment for Arlene.
He is up close to 19 lbs, is in 9 month clothes and is cutting back his sleep. If he takes 2 long naps he doesn't sleep well at night, so I try to limit to one short, one long and we get by that way. He loves to eat, but doesn't do well with thin purée. He likes texture and has started to self feed rice and graham crackers. No sign of any teeth, but we are on the lookout!
I can't believe how big he is already!!

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