Friday, September 2, 2011

Good Night Irene

This past weekend brought with it, hurricane Irene. As the week progressed there was much talk of this "epic" storm... unheard of to have such a powerful hurricane make landfall so far North up the East Coast... we were in the path, set for a "direct hit." Well, by the end of the week I was pretty sure we were going to make out alright; but there were a few days of panic envisioning the hurricane strength wind and rain. In the end, it was pretty uneventful- but Vt and others got hit badly. The impending storm did motivate us to get a few things one around here though. The yard got cleared of all the junk that has been accumulating all summer. Talk of "flying debris" got the kids moving pretty quickly.

And, we worked to get the barn ready for it's first inhabitants! We borrowed 3 stall guards to make the unfinished stalls temporarily use able and Beau and Squeeke ended up spending the day in. We had a stiff breeze, and it did rain pretty hard so I was glad to have them in out of the wet mess. They both did well and seemed happy to be inside.

The other three weathered the storm in the run in- we honestly have had thunderstorms 10Xs worse than this hurricane. I was pretty underwhelmed! We did get rain, but these guys share so well (Beau was in with them too until we took him in to keep Squeeke company) we just left them out! As soon as the rain stopped they went right back to grazing...

I worried a bit, but Olivia and Billy spent quite a lot of time out in the barn "babysitting" Since the whole "inside" concept is new, and the roof is pretty loud I didn't want any issues with upset ponies. Wes and I took a turn on duty too, he was more than ready to get outside! The barn aisle is a great place to play- especially since we don't have the grading done and ended up with a few puddles for stomping in!

We did loose power- for 3 days! It was pretty frustrating, since it was such a dud of a storm... but we made the most of it (and I fled with the boys to Conway on day 2!) and we can chock "hurricane" up to another of the big adventured of the summer!

Plus, Wendy offered to let us keep the stall guards as long as we need- so that's a bonus too! Many thanks to her, and Cindi (and Kate too!)

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