Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day 2011-2012

This week the Big Kids went back to school.  I must admit, I was a bit bummed.  For the first time in recent memory I was really sad to see them go!  Typically, I am secretly a little happy when that bus pulls up... this year- I wasn't ready for Summer to end!  Despite my reluctance t send them off the day dawned and it was pretty nasty; cool and rainy.  Wes was up sick the night before, and I really just wanted to sleep in... but the first day won't wait: 
 All 3 of them started at new schools- Olivia at Noble High for her Freshman year!  Savanna joined her on the early bu for her trip to the Knowlton School for 6th Grade.
And poor Billy missed the bus to the Mary Hurd School.... we waited an hour at the end of the driveway before I phoned in to see what the delay was... seems Ms. Knight was running earlier than the route predicted and we missed her!  Oh well- no harm done and he wasn't upset about being late to the first day!  Whoops~ Here's hoping for a great year; Wes and I certainly will miss you! 

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