Friday, September 2, 2011

Conway Get Away

While we had no power here in town, Mom was up in Conway with electricity and Cousins Kaleb and Jayson... so, after a quick check about getting off Oak Woods duty, I hightailed it out of town with the boys! Savy had cheer, and Liv a riding team meeting... so they stayed here in the dark and we went off for a few days of fun without them!

Mostly the boys played around the cabin- army is big this summer- helicopters and tanks are everywhere! We also did a day at StoryLand. I love the season passes... it makes it so easy to pop in for a few hours! Since we (well, Mom mostly) go a lot, it is interesting to see what everyone gravitates to each trip.
The front section with the nursery rhyme themed activities is fun for Wes, but the bigger kids play there too!

The animals often get a glance on the way by, but this time we stopped to look at each of them. Wes loves all sorts of critters- so he was happy to stand and watch them all for a while.

Billy and Jay did the bigger rides- they have fun together and Billy is tall enough to ride alone with Jayson... which is really helpful since I hate spinning~

Wes wanted "more" of the flying whales and the big train... but this spot in the sidewalk got the most attention from him this trip! It was so funny to watch him chase the water and wait for it to come back out of all the holes! I must admit, that on more than one occasion I had my fingers crossed that his hole would squirt as he looked down into it!

Wes was able to pull off the diaper look, but the big boys were all soaked to the skin! Billy was dumping the water out of his shoes like buckets. It was a fun day- and a fun trip up to the cabin, a special time without the girls and Bill. I was glad to get out when I did, since the power took three days to come back on! Now we are in the final stretch before school begins...

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