Friday, January 17, 2014

Westley age 4

Wes has turned 4 and it kind of blows my mind. Time is ticking, and he is growing up so fast! I know "time flies". It's cliche and all... Growing up. That's what kids do. But, 4 years, and 9ish months he has been a part of our lives. I guess it doesn't seem like all that long ago I dreamed about what kind of kid he would be.

He loves minecraft and watching minecraft videos on YouTube. He is a total addict and would play on a screen system all day if you let him. He can loose hours this way, and is completely absorbed in learning and watching. He and Billy share the passion, so I appreciate their bonding but he has to be monitored and encouraged to take a break from screen time.

When he plays, it's most often an imaginary game, and never on his own. A fear/shyness has crept in, and he doesn't like to be alone, especially downstairs. He likes guns and swords and uses those in his play (again, a Billy thing!) Pokeman figures and transformers are some of his favorites. He will build with blocks and play trains but again, needs somebody to be doing it with him. He loves to be read to but shows no interest in letters or writing. He hates to color and doesn't have much attention span for projects.

Despite this, he does well at school- he goes two mornings a week to puddle jumpers preschool. We had a conference a while back and he seemed to be on target with age appropriate behaviors and his teacher was happy with his performance. Apparently it's just with me that he won't work! He likes his class, I not sure if he would go given the choice, but he separates easily and enjoys himself while he is there.

He is funny, and kind but can also be rough (especially with Wyatt) He is very empathetic and sometimes surprises me with his compassion. He likes routine and is always looking for a way to negotiate some control. He doesn't eat all that much but I'm not worried as he seems right on his growth track. Dinner is almost always a battle, I'm trying hard to make sure what he does eat is balanced, but he is pretty picky and very stubborn. I also think he just doesn't have much of an appetite. We see the pediatrician later in the month and I don't anticipate any issue. He did have some dental work done recently and was a real champ! He had to have a cavity filled and a broken tooth repaired and he did great with it all. We check in with his speech therapist every now and again, Kk and Gg are still difficult sounds for him, but overall I'm happy with his clarity and expression.

He sleeps in the top bunk now, and transitioned wonderfully. I couldn't be happier with him, especially compared to Wyatt- who is a night terror. He falls asleep easily and sleeps soundly all night! He is a mama's boy for sure, and doesn't give Dad much love these days. I'm know it's a phase, but he wants to be with me given the chance!

We are so incredibly lucky, he is such a cool kid. I love seeing all the many different parts and pieces, watching and learning with him. I see so much of Bill in him, and Billy too. I wonder where he will go, and what amazing things he will do. I'm so glad I'm his Mom!

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  1. Aw you are a good mama you know him well, and what a cutie. I taught 4-5 year olds for 14 years I know the age well. boys would never want to sit and color or write like the girls did. ; ) I can't imagine my 8 month old baby boy being 4, but as they say time flies!! :)