Sunday, January 12, 2014

Minecraft Party

With Wes' birthday later this week, and Jess' shower next weekend, we decided to celebrate a few days early.

Wes is pretty much obsessed with minecraft. He plays the game, watches you tube videos of other people playing the game, watches Billy play... He has pretty much taken over my iPad. It was pretty much a given that minecraft would be his party theme this year. With no licensed stuff, it was another party where I had to pull stuff together.

The cake wasn't quite what I had envisioned, but Billy really wanted to devoted with the paper block set I had gotten and it got a little crazy. We took some of his design off and had plenty for the island and table, but the cake was still busier than I had anticipated. It didn't matter, Wes was pretty happy with the whole thing.

Mommom and Sam, grandma and poppie, Em, Kaleb and Jayson plus KeKe, Ali and Delainy all came to celebrate. He had a little pile of presents and that was the first thing he wanted to do!

He got lots of great stuff- my favorite was a kindle. I'm so glad to have my iPad back! I pretty much have been only able to use it a few minutes a day. If I have it out, he is begging for it.... So it's either in his hands or put away... I've missed it so...


What a fun birthday party we had! And, on Thursday we can celebrate again! Happy birthday Westley!!

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  1. Oh gosh too cute! I think your cake turned out great! We finally got a tablet but my OH is playing words with friends in it all the time, lol! Check out the yard sale on my blog I'm looking for some used dressage items!