Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I've managed to ride off and on all summer and now that fall is upon us, it's my favorite time of year to get out there and log the miles. I'm so thankful for my lovely ring, but now that the heat is past and the bugs are dying off I love to get out into the woods!

Linda's horse Miller spent 6 weeks here while she recovered from her fall, so I had extra ride time. Having the second horse (somehow grace doesn't count!) allowed me to invite a few friends along.

KeKe and I went out one afternoon and miller and beau were great. I think she really enjoyed being out on horseback. I wish we had more time for it!

I've done a few of the hunts and have been enjoying that. The season seems slow this year- which is somewhat disappointing but it's good for beau since he gets so jazzed!

Bill and the kids go out with me sometimes- with him on the four wheeler we can all get out! Beau is great with the motorized vehicles so it allows us to spend time together and I still get my ride in! Billy is getting good on his dirt bike, and he and I have gone out too!

We ride the hunter pace here- it was a bit crazy with miller, beau and grace, but we managed and came in 3rd place.

I hope to get a few more good rides in before the weather really changes- I need to soak it all up before winter comes and we take the trails in from the back of the snowmobiles!

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