Saturday, November 23, 2013

Savanna 14

Savannas birthday has come and gone, she is now 14! Hard to believe I know- and you might not have guessed based on her choice of Chuck-E-Cheese for her "friend" party... But it's true- 14 she is!

She and Delainy spent a Saturday afternoon playing arcade games and eating pizza at Chuck-E-Cheese with their "boy" friends- well Delainy's boyfriend John and their guy friend Travis. They had fun and were sad when the afternoon ended!

Of course savanna had her "family" party too. Spaghetti and meatballs and cake and icecream! Yumm! I love the look of joy on Wyatt's face when the cake showed up! He tried to blow out her candles. It was really cute.

As part of her gift I tool her shopping- she didn't get much, but KeKe went with us and we went out to dinner too. It was a nice way to end the birthday week!

Another trip around the sun- what a joy to be a part of!

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